Building Enchanting

If you have a release version, go on to Running Enchanting.

Terse Guide:

If you are using a source code version, run


Detailed Guide:

After installed the environment for Enchanting, you may need to bring the Java BackEnd and Smalltalk FrontEnd up to date. Doing so used to be fairly complicated, but it isn't any more.

Open up a command prompt or terminal window to the Enchanting source-code directory. You'll want to run 'rebuild' to build or rebuild the project.

On Windows, run:

On Linux/Mac, run:

The rebuilt script:
  • Deletes and recompiles the java application
  • Renames (backs up) Enchanting.image and Enchanting.changes, to include the current date and time in the name.
  • Copys BaseEnchanting.image and BaseEnchanting.changes to be Enchanting.image and Enchanting.changes, respectively.
  • Launches Enchanting with instructions to import all the source code and save the image and user mode.

(You can also add
setVersion "a version identified"
to the command to set the version number.)

After you've done this, Enchanting is ready to hack on.

Now you may run Enchanting.