Using The Debian Package

This page gives instructions on the use of the new .deb package.

I have worked hard to make Enchanting work on Linux, and thought it was in good condition, but now I'm not sure, as it didn't install right on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit for me. I have decided not to hold up the release of 0.2.1 further, but instead ask for help if there are interested parties. (To help, see the Get Involved page or this contact page(external link)).

As this is a .deb package, it is only useful on Debian-based linux distributions. The package is not built in the normal way ( — I wish I knew how to do that; the project is not a normal makefile-driven project at all!) It does include some binary files that I thought would work with different debian-based distros and different version JDKs (Java Development Kits), but with more testing, this does not seem to be the case.

If you'd like to help make this work with .rpm-based distros, give me a shout.

This build is for x86, x86_64, and arm computers. I have tested it on the Raspberry Pi, and it works, but good heavens, it is too slow to use. Here is everything I know about running Enchanting on a R-Pi(external link). (Send me an e-mail if you are willing to help!) (FYI: 32-bit binaries were built on Debian 6, 64-bit ones were built on an older version of Mint, and arm binaries were built on a Raspberry Pi softfloat image).

These steps require more testing. Please let me know if you have success with them.

To install:

- Download the .deb package.
- Open up a terminal and go to the directory with the file.
- run "sudo dpkg --install enchanting_0.2.1_all.deb"
- run "sudo apt-get --fix-broken install"

You may get a complaint about no way to install java6-jdk. You can run "sudo apt-get install default-jdk" (or choose one of your choice); I also believe there is a way to tell apt to ignore the dependancy.

If you have trouble with the 'Scratch' dependancy, see link) .

Good luck. Help on the Linux version is certainly appreciated.


If you'd like to install versions of Enchanting before 0.2.1, or to get all the tools to develop on Enchanting, please download a .tar.bz2 file for it and see the instructions at Enchanting On Linux.